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Upcoming changes to Xen Project websites

This is just a quick reminder of some upcoming changes to the Xen project websites (as originally outlined here).

Archiving of

XenLogoBlackGreenTomorrow morning GMT, we will be archiving This means that the content on is moved to The site will be archived: in other words there will be no more updates to

Permanent redirects will be put in place from to either or Which location we will redirect to, depends on the content of a page:

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Reporting A Bug Against the Xen Hypervisor

With the release process for Xen 4.3 in full swing (we intend to release the third release candidate this week) and with the Xen Test Days initiative (the next one is this Wednesday 5 June, join us on IRC freenode #xentest) I thought it would be useful to offer up some information and guidance on how the Xen project deals with bug reports and how to report bugs against the Xen Hypervisor Project.

Reporting a Bug

Confirm That Your Issue Is a Bug

Experience has shown that oftentimes what appears to be a bug is often just a misconfiguration or misunderstanding of how things are supposed to work. This can be down to a lack of documentation (a perennial problem for Open Source projects and something which we are working to address with our regular Xen Document Days) or the inherent complexity of something of the things which one can achieve (or try to achieve!) using Xen.

With that in mind it is often useful to try seeking help via other means before resorting to submitting a bug report. Useful resources for asking questions are:

  • In a Xen system logs the logs can usually be found in /var/log/xen and will sometimes provide useful insight into an issue.
  • Search engines. As well as simply searching for key terms relating to your issue you can also search the User and Developer list archives.
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Call For Proposals Opens for Xen Project User Summit and Xen Project Developer Summit

Announcing the Call For Proposals for two of the biggest events on the Xen Project calendar for this year:

Xen Project Users Summit

September 18, 2013 at LinuxCon NA in New Orleans, LA
Call For Proposals closes July 26

Co-located with LinuxCon North America in  New Orleans, The Xen Project User Summit is a community event which brings users of all types together for an intensive day of learning and sharing.  The full day of sessions will feature a wide array of talks from the novice through expert level. The summit organizers are seeking a wide range of talk submissions, including Xen Project best practices, case studies, scaling, performance, and clouds.  Review the full CFP for more information.  Make sure you submit your proposal before the July 26 deadline!

Xen Project Developer Summit

October 24-25, 2013 following LinuxCon EU in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Call For Proposals closes August 30

Come and spend a full two days of talks and workshops addressing issues of Xen Project Development.  This is a rare opportunity to gather together with developers in and around the Xen Project to discuss a wide range of topics.  The organizers are requesting proposals relating to Xen and its development, integration, and usage.  If you were looking for a way to present an idea which could change the course of development of the Xen Project, your opportunity has arrived!  Just make sure to submit your proposal by August 30.

And don’t forget…

Want to know when Xen Project events are being held?  Would you like to review what CFPs are coming due?  Or want to know what conferences near you have Xen Project talks in them?  Make sure you check out the Events section of the new website!  And if you happen to know of an event we’ve missed, submit it there as well.