Monthly Archives: September 2013

Evolving the Xen Project Test Infrastructure

One of the stated goals for 2013 and 2014 of the Xen Project Advisory Board is to Increase upstream Xen Hypervisor quality including the quality of its latest CPU and Platform features and to address problems with the code in a timely and proactive manner, including defects, security vulnerabilities and performance problems.

OSSTest and Coverity Scan

Earlier this year, first steps have been taken by making available the code for the OSSTest system (a smoke test system, which has been running since 2010). As a second step the Advisory Board worked with the Xen Project Technical Coordination Team, to add the Xen Hypervisor to the Coverity Scan static analysis service, that is open to open source projects with nonprofit status. There is still some detail to sort out on how we grant access to this resource: you can find the ongoing discussion here.

XenRT as basis for a comprehensive Test-as-a-Service Platform for the Xen Project

In the kick-off meeting for the Xen Project Advisory Board in April this year, Citrix offered to open source XenRT, the Citrix XenServer automated test system. This created the opportunity, to establish an independently hosted and expansive Test-as-a-Service Platform for the Xen Project.

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