Announcing the Program Management Committee for the Xen Project Developer Summit

The Xen Project Developer Summit is approaching: the Call For Participation will be open for two more days until May 16, 2014 11:55pm (EST).

Our Program Management Committee

I wanted to also take the opportunity to introduce this year’s Program Management Committee.

  • Amir Chaudhry (University of Cambridge): Amir is a post-doc at the Cambridge Computer Lab. Amir is program manager at OCaml Labs and runs community outearch activities in Mirage OS, a Xen Project team.
  • Boris Ostrovski (Oracle): Boris is working on various Linux and Xen Project components and is also maintainer of a number of Xen project subsystems. He is also a Google Summer of Code Mentor.
  • Dario Faggioli (Citrix): Dario has interacted with the Linux kernel as part of his PhD working on real-time scheduling and other embedded technologies. He now works on various Xen Project components and is the Xen Project Blog Czar.
  • Lars Kurth (Chairman of the Xen Project Advisory Board): Lars has been working as Community Manager for the Xen Project for 3 years now and also chairs the Xen Project Advisory Board and other Xen Project Working Groups.

Developer Summit Program Announcement

We are aiming to publish the Xen Project Developer Summit program in the 1st week of June. People who have submitted talks, should get an acceptance e-mail a week before.

Birds of a Feather Sessions & Discussion Groups

This year we will again have space for Birds of a Feather Sessions & Discussion Groups. We will publish how you can request a BoF a little bit closer to the event. In the meantime you should be aware of the ground rules for BoFs:

  • Each BoF host will get 3-5 minutes (depending on the number of BoFs on the day) to pitch your BoF to the entire audience. Slides are not allowed.
  • After we publish the Xen Project Developer schedule, community members that have registered for the summit can submit a request to host a BoF (specifying a couple of slots in preference order)
  • BoFs are small discussion groups, not presentations. You are expected to take notes (or nominate an attendee to do so) and post discussion notes on one of our mailing lists after the summit.

Developer Meeting

I am also pleased to announce that we will also be hosting a 1/2 day Xen Project Developer Meeting the day after the Xen Project Developer Summit. Spaces are limited: the event is open to all members of the Developer Community. More details will follow soon.

Where to stay at the summit

Discounted hotels are listed at the event website at the price of 199 USD per night including wifi. Reservations have to be made by July 30th. We are sharing a room block with other Linux Foundation events, so please book early.

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