Xen Project 4.6 Planning Opens

With Xen Project 4.5 released in January, we are now one month into 4.6 development window!

My name is Wei Liu and I have been working on various areas in the Xen Project community, including Linux kernel, hypervisor, QEMU and toolstack. Now I’m a co-maintainer of Xen hypervisor’s toolstack and the netback driver in Linux. I was elected release manager for 4.6 release. Thanks everybody for your trust.

I sent an email to xen-devel to kick off a discussion with regard to tweaking the release process for 4.6. The goal is to create smoother developer experience.

My proposed time frame for the Xen 4.6 release is:

  • Development start: 6 Jan 2015
  • Feature freeze: 10 Jul 2015
  • Release date: 9 Oct 2015 (could release earlier)

Below are some slides that explain our release process and how it is changing for Xen 4.6. Get involved and happy hacking!

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