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Presenting Xen at Jornadas Regionales de Software Libre

Next week, from October 7th to 9th, will take place in Santiago of Chile, the 9th version of one of the biggest FLOSS related event in South America: Jornadas Regionales de Software Libre.

In this opportunity will present two talks concerned with Xen. In the first one, on Wednesday, Erika Quiroz (Chile), Managing Director at Substance Ltda., will present “Virtualization: The new revolution in the enterprises of the 21st century”. The same day Marco Sinhoreli (Brazil), Virtualization Specialist at and the head f the Xen-br community, will talk about the organization of Xen-br community.

Next day, Thursday 8th, Marco will talk about “Infrastructure Virtualization with Xen” and presenting his keynote about IaaS.

The schedule for the presentations on Xen enthusiast is:

  • Wednesday 7th at 10.45: Erika Quiroz with “Virtualization: The new revolution in the enterprises of the 21st century”
  • Wednesday 7th at 14.00: Marco Sinhoreli with “Organization of Xen users group”.
  • Thursday 8th at 10.45: Marco Sinhoreli with “Infrastructure Virtualization with Xen”.
  • Thursday 8th at 17.45: Marco Sinhoreli’s Keynote IaaS.

I hope everyone who’s near Santiago can come to this great event!

More information at and following the event on twitter.

Xen at DoS

On January 29th and 30th will held at Universidad Catolica del Maule in Talca, Chile, the first Developer of Summer. The activity aims to explore new technologies and new programming techniques with keynotes and training sessions about open source development.

On January 30th I’ll be speaking about the Xen Hypervisor: how it works, its benefits, its community and some other projects related with Xen. If you think I must, could, should include any other topic just let me know. Any feedback is welcome about those topics and any other.

Xen at Encuentro Linux 2008.

The “Encuentro Linux” is, besides Open Community, one of the most important FLOSS event in Chile. This year, the “Encuentro Linux” will be held in Concepción, about 500 kilometers to the south of Santiago and Xen will be present.

Victor Hugo dos Santos will expose mainly about XenSource and his experience with this Citrix’s product in his job. The agenda for his presentation:

  1. Why Xen?
  2. Differences between Xen and other comerical/closed virtualization products.
  3. Differences between Open Source virtualization products.
  4. How to get Virtualization and not “Vitorization” (play on owrds with virtualization and Victor’s name).
  5. Xen’s install process and administratio, where Victor will demostrate a 20-minutes install

If you want to come, Victor’s presentation will be in the Auditorium located in the Faculty of Education on October 23th at 15.05.

But that’s not all! The “Encuentro Linux” will held a Xen demostration during the Open Day (October 22nd) in the afernoon in the community area. Boris Quiroz (that’s me) will be talking about Xen and its architecture, why to use Xen, giving examples of Xen utilization and, obviusly, answering their questions.

More information:

Spreading Xen in South America.

On August 14th 2008 will take place, in ValparaisoChile, the 2008 edition of Chilean Debian Day. In this opportunity I’ll be there with a newbie-middle presentation about Virtualization technologies centered in Xen, its characteristics, benefits, examples of usability and, obviously, its community 🙂

Any other topic you think I could include in this presentation, just let me know…

Running Xen book hits the streets!

As the tittle says Running Xen: A Hands-on Guide to the Art of Virtualization is now available to buy, physically of course. So, if you want a copy just follow this link to find out how to get it.

There’s also a complementary website where you can find information about the authors, chapters resources and some other interesting links. Obviously, the authors want some feed back, that’s why they set up a readers list to discus about the book, send your feed backs, errata, and any other topics related to the book.

Nothing else to say. Congratulations to the authors for the great job they did.