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Dario has been interested in CS, programming and Open Source since like forever. He is now a very happy Xen developer, and Citrix is from where he gets his paycheck. He is, in fact, a Senior Software Engineer there, working on scheduling related issues, NUMA support, and other things... Personally wise, he lives in central Italy with his wife (Luana) and daughter (Lara, 2yo). Check out more info about Dario, his personal Webpage and his blog

Fedora 20 Virtualization Test Day is today!

Fedora Logo

Yes, today (Tuesday, October 8th) is one of the Fedora 20 Test Days, more specifically, Virtualization Test Day.

Specific information regarding testing Xen on the new Fedora can be found in this Wiki page. For attending and participating, join us now on IRC at #fedora-test-day (Freenode)!

Fedora 20 will be one of the first mainstream distros shipping Xen 4.3, so come and help us making sure it will work great for you and all Fedora users!!

So, How’s Xen on Debian?

So, how many of you use Debian? I bet a lot. Well, here it is what the Debian Xen package maintainers told The Xen Project, when asked a few questions. We are talking about Bastian Blank and Guido Trotter. In fact, they share the burden, with Bastian doing “most of the work nowadays” (Guido’s words) and Guido “starting packaging Xen many years ago, while assisting with stable security updates lately” (ditto).

You’ll discover that they particularly like the Xen architecture, and this makes us really really proud. It also look like a shorter release cycle for Xen is in the wishlist. Well, Xen 4.3 cycle has already been way shorter than its predecessors, and the feeling is the future will be even better!

However, the most surprising thing is that coffee is quite unpopular with them too, as it was already the case for Maarten from Mageia… I am honestly starting to think whether this could be a ‘package maintainers’ thing’!

Anyway, sincere thanks to both Bastian and Guido for finding the time for this interview, and let’s get straight to their answers!

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Schrödinger’s Cat in a (Xen) Virtualzed ‘Box’

Fedora Logo

Fedora Logo

Yes, apparently Schrödinger’s cat is alive, as the latest release of Fedora – Fedora 19, codename Schrödinger’s cat– as been released on July 2nd, and that even happened quite on time.

So, apparently, putting the cat “in a box” and all the stuff was way too easy, and that’s why we are bringing the challenge to the next level: do you dare putting Schrödinger’s cat “in a virtual box”?

In other words, do you dare install Fedora 19 within a Xen virtual machine? And if yes, how about doing that using Fedora 19 itself as Dom0?
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Xen 4.3.0 Rc6 TestDay on Friday, June 28

Xen 4.3.0 time is approaching and, to make sure we’re delivering the best possible release, we are having another Xen TestDay on Friday, June 28 2013. (RSVP and iCal here).

We will be testing Xen 4.3.0-RC6, that will be tagged on Thursday. It will ship two really important changes (as compared to RC5) about PCI passthrough and CPU hotplug. Help us making sure there are no issues left, both on those two specifically, and in general!

In fact, about the former, we’ve had to change the way Xen handles some aspects of PCI passthrough, to work around an issue with qemu-xen. We think we’ve got everything right, but please test your own configuration to make sure that it still works for you. We particularly need graphics cards with large amounts of video RAM tested. About the latter, CPU hotplug support was missing in qemu-xen, and it has now been implemented, so go ahead testing it (CPU hot-unplug is still not supported, though).

We will announce on the xen-devel (and other relevant) mailing lists when RC6 will become available. In the meanwhile, here they are the Xen 4.3 RC6 test instructions, while more information about Xen TestDays are available here.

Join us on Friday on the #xentest channel on freenode!

If nothing relevant comes up during the TestDay, the plan is to have the release next week, probably on July 2nd.

So, How’s Xen on Mageia?

As it is widely know, really tough Open Source users –the ones that wear sandals, colored hats of various kind, and are equipped with long enough UNIX beards— always install software via tarballs and some good old ./configure-make-make-install-fu! Then there are the developers, who couldn’t care less about installing: all that matters is from where you can checkout –well, actually, this days it’d better be git clone— the code. Once you got it, and you compile it with no errors, what else is remaining and what on Earth you want to install it for, right?

(Un?)Fortunately, there exist different kind of people too. They, whiskered or not, are usually very happy every time they can avoid dealing with either tar or git, and can start using some software by only sending a couple of directives to their favorite distribution’s package manager. That, usually, means a loot of cool things, like automatic dependency tracking, cleanup upon uninstall, smooth update to new versions, and all this kind of stuff. However, for this to work, it is required that someone has stepped up to act as the package maintainer of that particular software for the specific distribution. Package maintainers are in a very peculiar spot. In fact, wrt the software they package, they’re not regular users, nor they (not necessarily, at least) act as core developers for it, and yet they play an important role in determining the degree of success of a project.

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Xen 4.3.0-RC2 Available and Xen TestDay Tomorrow

A new RC of the Xen Hypervisor has just been announced by our release manager with this message on the xen-devel mailing list.

In addition to the usual repository tagging (xen-4.3.0-rc2), a tarball is available (and here’s its signature).

This happened right in time for the second Xen Test Day of the 4.3 release cycle, which will be held tomorrow (Wed, 22nd May), on the #xentest channel on freenode… So come and bring friends!

Find out Xen 4.3.0 RC2 specific testing information and indications on the Wiki page: Xen 4.3 RC2 test instructions. More information about Xen Test Days in general in this other one.

After tomorrow, there is another Test Day planned already for June 4th.