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Linux PV Guest Performance Improvements

The Xen community achieved a major milestone last summer when all the necessary components for Xen dom0 support made it into the upstream kernel for the 3.0 release. However, during that process developers were focused on functionality, and not on performance. As a result a handful of performance regressions were introduced in pv-ops kernels compared to the classic kernels..

Recently I have started looking at performance aspects of pv-ops Linux by using xentrace and xenalyze (see George Dunlap’s presentation for an introduction) to compare the number and pattern of hypercalls between a classic 2.6.32 kernel and a 3.3 pvops one. I found a number of performance regressions which, luckily, are easily fixed or have minimal impact. The individual fixes are listed below.

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Dom0 Memory — Where It Has Not Gone

If you are upgrading domain 0 Linux kernel from a non-pvops (classic, 2.6.18/2.6.32/etc.) kernel to a pvops one (3.0 or later), you may find that the amount of free memory inside dom0 has decreased significantly.  This is because of changes in the way kernel handles the memory given to it by Xen.  With some updates and configuration changes, the “lost” memory can be recovered.

tl;dr: If you previously had ‘dom0_mem=2G’ as a command line option to Xen, change this to ‘dom0_mem=2G,max:2G’.  If that didn’t help, read on.

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