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London based sysadmin, database, open source friendly guy. Currently the lead developer for CentOS, trying to solve operations and sysadmin problems one simple step at a time.

Welcome to the Xen4CentOS6 Project : First Release

CentOSLogoThe Xen4CentOS6 project is a collaborative effort between the Xen Project, the Citrix Xen development teams, the CentOS Project team, GoDaddy Cloud operations group and RackSpace Hosting to package, deliver and maintain a stable Xen hypervisor and its related tooling for CentOS-6, enabling CentOS-6/x86_64 to be used as a dom0, base platform to host Xen in paravirt and fullvirt deployment roles.

We have tried to ensure that existing tooling that users have in production written again xm/xend will continue to work, while also adding support for the newer xenlight (xl) layers. Most libvirt functions also continue to work on Xen4CentOS6 as they did on Xen3 CentOS5, enabling users to easily migrate their infra over from CentOS-5 to 6.

A second primary principle we are working against is to build and deliver a Linux Kernel based on the 3.4 LTS release, stabilised via testing, with enhanced Xen support as recommended by the Xen development team.

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Leveraging CentOS and Xen for the GoDaddy private cloud

Mike Dorman Mike Dorman will be talking about Leveraging CentOS and Xen for the GoDaddy private cloud: How we collaborated with the CentOS and Xen projects to build a next-generation platform at GoDaddy. Discussion of the design considerations, infrastructure, success stories and challenges of this paradigm change at the next CentOS Dojo taking place in Phoenix, AZ, USA on the 10th of May 2013.

In this session Mike is going to cover the challenges and how CentOS + Xen fits into the role with a product / infrastructure standpoint. Starting with roots of how GoDaddy got started with XenServer and then how they were able to leverage the open source Xen stack on CentOS moving forward to their next-gen cloud.

Mike has been a key person involved with this project and brings across a well rounded, comprehensive and tested viewpoint on the subject. What to hear his talk ? Register now for the CentOS Dojo.

The CentOS Dojo format promotes informal sessions, focused around real world challenges that people using CentOS in established roles face. This includes technologies, concepts, best-practices and q&a around the CentOS Linux platform. These Dojos are run as not-for-profit, with all ticket sales revenue being cycled into costs at the event.

We hope to see you there!

Roger Pau talking about Performance tuning Xen at the CentOS Dojo

The first edition of the CentOS Dojo takes place on Monday  8th April at the Don Bosco School, Antwerp and Roger Pau Monné is running a Xen specific session there. Synopsis of his talk, titled ‘Perfomance tuning Xen’ :

How to tune your Xen deployment for performance: Xen has several options and different kinds of guests, knowing when to use each kind of guest, and how to tune its parameters for optimal performance can make a big difference. This talk will cover the types of guests that can be deployed on Xen, and the different options you can use to obtain the best performance.

There are still a few more tickets left, so if you are in the area or able to get to Antwerp I highly recommend you come along and join us for what should be a great day. The Dojo format of events are small, personal and highly interactive with everyone at the event pitching in. And dont miss the rest of the great lineup for the day.

Details, including the speaker lineup, venue information and schedule, are at and you can register now by going through to : and the first 10 people to use the Promo Code ‘Xen4CentOS’ get 15% off their registration price.

See you all in a few days,

– KB