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Event Report : Xen Hackathon 2013

After almost a week in Dublin, we’re back with a debrief of the Xen Hackathon. Please note this is from our point of view (Xen Orchestra team) and that we’re not kernel or hypervisor hackers.

Google Docks: our place to work

We were really impressed by Google’s building (Google Docks). The atmosphere was really relaxed, with a lot of small places to work, and a very good food at lunch (for free!). The space dedicated to Hackathon was fantastic: on the 11th floor, no offices, and a very very exceptional view on Dublin, all around us. Oh, and a very big terrace… We can’t have any excuses regarding our productivity 😉

Thanks to Guido for the organization and the opportunity to be here!

A nice view of the Google Docks building.


One of thing that was very interesting was that a lot of people who are doing Open Source software here were paid by -very- big companies (Google, Oracle, Citrix, etc.). We felt very small comparatively, but at the Hackathon, people were not “representing” a company. You’re just a hacker working on a project. In my opinion, that’s the magic of Free and Open Source Software: everyone can contribute, there is no bureaucracy or hierarchy. If your project responds to a need, you’ll have people around you, no matter where you from. We felt the Bazaar model was very present at this event. Continue reading

Xen Orchestra: a Web interface for XCP

Maybe you heard few years ago, a project called Xen Orchesta. It was designed to provide a web interface for Xen hypervisor with Xend backend. The project started in 2009, but paused one year later, due to lack of time from the original designer. As you can read on the project website, XO is now re-developed from scratch. But its goal now is to provide an interface for XCP. Why XCP? Because, with XAPI, it offers a full set of features with unmatched possibilities for a Open Source product.

Despite this, XCP lacks of a free, simple and open source interface. That’s why the project reboot. Other interesting projects are now dead (like OpenXenManager, a clone of XenCenter). To avoid this kind of scenario, a clear intention for XO team is to provide a living project: “release often” policy, listening to the community, and deliver commercial support to getting resources needed for the project life. The original team behind XO have created their own company to sustain this durability to XO. Furthermore, XO license is AGPL.

Current state

XO was just rebooted in December. But we want a first version rapidly, at least for testing purpose (architecture validation, feedback, suggestions). That’s why this release is quite light: we focused on global design, picking right technologies for the future. Because we think it’s better to analyse and implement a strong basis rather than doing ugly stuff which can jeopardize the project later. So, we are proud to present you XO “Archlute” which is the first step in web management for XCP.

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