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Welcome to the Newly Revised (and Revived) Xen Project Blog

After several days offline, the Xen Project blog has returned!

Our blog had been subjected to malicious activities, so we had to take it down and remedy the situation. We’re back now, and although there are a few minor issues to address, we are ready to move forward.

A few things you may notice:

    • The appearance: We are using a different theme for the time being. It doesn’t have the look of the rest of our site, but we will take care of that before too long. In the meantime, we ask fr your patience while we work to put things in order.
    • The user accounts: For security reasons, we had to make sure that no unauthorized users have administrative access. As a result, we only moved over the accounts of people who have written blogs.  So, to login, you will need to do one of the following:

– If you wrote a blog, you will need to use the “I lost my password” system to set your password.  

– If you did not write a blog, you will need to create a new account.

  • The comments: We had to remove the existing comments because of the damage which was done. Older blog entries have their comments locked, but new blog entries will allow comments going forward.
  • Tags and Categories: We had to reset these as well. For now, please use the search function to find older posts.

There are also some differences (like the login area is in the lower right panel of the front page) which will take some adjustment, but we believe the key functionality is intact.  If you believe something is missing or lacking, please let a comment below or send me email.


Save 50%: Learn About The Next Wave of Virtualization at Xen Project User Summit, Sept 15 in New York City

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Some claim that the age of virtualization is now past.  However, nothing could be farther from the truth.  And this year’s Xen Project User Summit will highlight many of the newest advances in virtualization.  If you use the Xen Project Hypervisor — or if you are simply evaluating your virtualization alternatives — join us in New York on September 15 at the Lighthouse Executive Conference Center!

Readers of the Xen Project blog can now register at 50% off the original $79 price.  Just use code XenUser50off when you register!

This year’s event focuses on a number timely topics, including:

The New World of Unikernels

Some of the hottest technologies in the world of virtualization are the unikernels.  Small, lightweight, and secure, unikernels will power a new type of cloud.  Allowing for hundreds, or even thousands, of VMs per host, unikernels will allow us to develop exciting new visions of the cloud.  Hear from the creators of such notable entries like OSv and HaLVM.

The Latest about Xen Project in OpenStack and SUSE Cloud

Many organizations are making plans for clouds based on OpenStack.  Now is an excellent time to see how SUSE Cloud can leverage Xen Project software to make those plans become a reality.

New Features Coming in Xen Project 4.5

Some mature projects slow down development as they age.  But not Xen Project!  Our upcoming release has the longest list of new features we’ve seen in years!  Get the lowdown on what changes are coming, so you can start making plans.  Plus, we’ll hear about the latest news from the Board of Advisors.

Improving Security

You can’t get serious about the cloud without addressing security.  Learn about the Advanced Security features of Xen Project as well as the Zazen security architecture.  And hear about the case study describing the deployment of Xen Project-powered security devices.

Upcoming From the XenServer Project

Last summer marked the birth of the Open Source XenServer project.  For years, XenServer has been a very popular commercial product which leverages Xen Project software.  Now learn what’s planned in the next iteration of XenServer.

The Newest From Xen Orchestra

There are a number of other software projects in the Xen Project ecosystem.  One of the most exciting is Xen Orchestra, a web-based GUI for XAPI and XenServer.

The Latest from Xen4CentOS

Last year, Xen Project was re-integrated into CentOS 6 via the Xen4CentOS effort.  Learn how to use Xen4CentOS and hear what’s coming in the new CentOS Virtualization SIG.

And the Future Development for High Availability

There’s plenty more in development at Xen Project.  Still under development is COLO, an effort to bring high availability to VMs using lock-step failover.  Hear about the status of this project while it is still cooking.

All From the Mouths of Industry Leaders and Innovators

Many of our presenters are from industry leaders like Oracle, Intel, Citrix, Red Hat, and SUSE.  But we also have people from up-and-coming organizations like Cloudius Systems, Galois, Vates, Zentific, and Sound Linux Training.

For the schedule and registration information, please visit the Linux Foundation Events website.  And don’t forget the code XenUser50off  when you register!

We hope to see you in New York!

Time to Register for Xen Project User Summit on Sept 15, 2014

Great Session Lineup Awaits Attendees in New York City!


It’s time to make your travel plans to New York City for the September 15 arrival of the Xen Project User Summit!

The Lighthouse Executive Conference Center will play host to the only full day user-centric Xen Project event on this year’s calendar.  If you are a power user, a new user, or you just want to see what Xen Project can possibly do for you, you’ll want to be there.

Attendees will find an excellent selection of talks waiting for them at this year’s event.

Is Your Head in the Clouds?

We have a number of terrific cloud-related talks on the schedule!

Listen to SUSE‘s Peter Linnell talk about Xen, OpenStack, and the SUSE Cloud.  And are you thinking about unikernels in the cloud?  Adam Wick of Galois, provider of HaLVM, will expound on the virtues of tiny VMs providing a single-purpose operating environment (imagine many of the advantages of Linux Containers but with the security of a real hypervisor).  And Don Marti from Cloudius Systems will talk about using the OSv unikernel to create a C and Java environment directly on the hypervisor.

Or is Security Your Focus?

Then you’ll want to hear about the Zazen security framework as described by Steven Maresca of Zentific.  Plus, there’s my talk discussing the Advanced Security Features of Xen Project, most of which are easy to use, but most users don’t even seem aware of them.

Is Your Mind on the Future?

That’s good, because Oracle‘s Konrad Wilk, the Release Manager for the upcoming 4.5 Xen Project Release, will give us the run down of the features to expect.  There’s an impressive list of improvements in the works, so Konrad will help us to understand what is likely to make the cut.  And our own Community Manager Lars Kurth from Citrix will give us a healthcheck on the project itself, including fascinating information about how diverse our development ecosystem has become in the past few years.

Or Maybe Distribution Support is Your Thrust?

You’ll want to hear Johnny Hughes of the CentOS Project discuss the Xen4CentOS effort with a quick and easy cookbook for restoring our favorite hypervisor to the CentOS world.  He will also address how the effort has given birth to the new CentOS Virtualization SIG with an eye on making CentOS a key platform for all types of virtualization technologies.

Could XenServer be Your Concern?

If so, then you will want to hear XenServer Community Manager Tim Mackey discuss where XenServer has gone in the year since it became Open Source — and, more importantly, where it is expected to go from here.  And you will definitely want to hear from Olivier Lambert of Vates as he discusses the Xen Orchestra project, an interface for controlling XenServer and XAPI installations from a web-based interface.

Or High Availability?

Then you’ll definitely want to hear Will Auld of Intel discuss the COLO project.  Still in development, COLO aims to create lock-step VMs to deliver non-stop availability during a VM failure.  This is critical capability when you have a VM which needs to keep running no matter what.

Or Deployment?

Don’t miss Grant McWilliams‘ talk about deploying XAPI-based security devices.  It is actually an amazing tale describing the design and deployment of some amazing devices using the Xen Project Hypervisor to make magic happen.

Then You Need to Register Today!

For just $79 — less than the price of a good dinner in Manhattan — you can get all this, plus the User Jam Session.  User Jam is your time to give feedback about the project and the presentations given.

And tell a coworker to sign up, too!  We have two tracks most of the day, so bring a friend who can go to the sessions you can’t.

See the full schedule and register on the Linux Foundation website:

And we hope to see you in New York City on September 15!

XCP Wiki Pages Have Been Migrated to

XCP is Dead; Long Live XenServer!

Last year was a momentous year for all things related to the Xen Project.  2013 saw Xen Project become a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.  It also saw the separate XenServer project become Open Source under the auspices of Citrix Systems.  And, as a result of that, the need for XCP — the free (as in “free beer”) version of XenServer — dissolved.  Since XenServer is now Open Source and available to all, XCP is superfluous.

Now, historically, the Xen Project Wiki has hosted the XCP pages.  But given the major shifts of the past year, coupled with the fact that XCP is not part of Xen Project but XenServer, the hosting situation has now changed.  From now on, the archive of XCP pages will reside on the XenServer Wiki.

Where Can I Find the XCP Pages?

You can find the XCP archive on the XenServer Wiki under the XCP category:

Why Did We Need to Migrate the Pages at All?  Why Not Just Leave Them As Is?

As part of the migration of Xen Project to the Linux Foundation, it is necessary to clearly delineate which things belong to the Xen Project as opposed to things which belong to other parties.  XCP is not part of Xen Project and it does not belong to Linux Foundation.  Therefore, it should not reside on Xen Project websites.  It makes perfect sense for XCP to be hosted by, since it always has been part of the XenServer effort.

Why Migrate Pages at All?  If XCP is Obsolete, Why Not Just Delete the Pages?

Just because XCP is obsolete, it doesn’t mean it is not used.  There are still many, many XCP users in the world, and they deserve access to documentation.  Eventually, they may become XenServer users and when that happens, the XenServer project can determine what to do with their Wiki pages.  But that is not the case now, so a transition is necessary.

So What Happens to All the External Sites Which Link to XCP Pages on

The original XCP pages are in process of being replaced with links to the new pages on  Most links are already in place, and the few stragglers should be handled in the next few weeks.  There is a temporary archive of the XCP pages on which will be removed at the end of the process once all the pages have been linked and verified.

Why Do I Still See XCP Downloads on

We are coordinating with the folks to make sure that the XCP downloads remain available during the time of transition.  Once the XCP downloads are available from, the downloads will disappear from

What Happens If I Discover an XCP Wiki Page Which Does Not Exist on

Contact me at russell (dot) pavlicek (at) and send me the link.  I will coordinate with the team to see that the page is migrated.

Mark Your Calendars! Great Xen Project Events Coming in August and September 2014

If you use — or are just interested in learning about — the Xen Project Hypervisor, you will want to mark your calendar now for two great events coming later this summer.

September 15: Xen Project User Summit, New York City, NY

The Xen Project User Summit is great for:

  • Users who employ Xen Project software in their datacenter or cloud
  • Integrators who leverage the Xen Project Hypervisor in their solution or service
  • Architects who need to know how to best utilize the software in their solution architecture
  • Managers who want to understand what current and future features will enable their goals

At just US$79 for one day of sessions, the User Summit is an unmatched training opportunity for users of Xen Project software. Located at the Lighthouse Executive Conference Center in the heart of New York City, this event is a fantastic way to increase your knowledge of all things relating to Xen Project.  The lineup of talks will be unlike any other event this year, so it makes sense to take a long weekend in Manhattan in September.

Plus, this will be the best event this year for Xen Project users to meet and greet one another.  Excellent things happen when the talents of the community are allowed to cross-pollinate at User Summit!

Expected topics will include:

  • What’s Coming in Xen Project 4.5
  • Understanding and Using Xen4CentOS
  • Xen Project on OpenStack in the SUSE Cloud
  • High Availability with Xen Project
  • Using Cloud Operating Systems
  • plus many more!

The full schedule will be announced shortly.

To register for User Summit, click here.

August 18-19: Xen Project Developer Summit, Chicago, IL

For those who delve into the innermost parts of Xen Project, there is the Xen Project Developer Summit in Chicago, IL USA in August.  Co-located with LinuxCon North America and CloudOpen North America, this two-day event is the place to be for those who write code for or around Xen Project.

Some of the topics at this year’s Developer Summit include:

  • Xen Project 4.5 Roadmap
  • libvirt support for libxenlight
  • Scaling Xen’s Aggregate Storage Performance
  • Xen on ARM: Status and Performance
  • An Overview of the Verizon Cloud Architecture
  • osstest, Xen’s Automatic Testing Facility
  • and much, much more!

Click here for the full schedule.

At US$99 for two days of highly technical talks, this is an extradinary value for Xen Project software engineers.

Click here to register for Developer Summit.

And Sponsorship Opportunities Are Still Available!

If your organization has a project, product, or service which would be of interest to either a group of Xen Project users or developers, there are still sponsorship opportunies available.  For as little as US$1000, you can get your name in front of a group of Xen Project users, integrators, service providers, and developers.

Send email to russell(dot)pavlicek(at) for more information.

And we’ll be looking for you at one of the Xen Project Summits this year!

June 2014 Brings Bumper Crop of Xen Project Talks to the US

The month of June has a variety of Xen Project talks available to conference attendees across the United States:

CentOS Dojo, Cincinnati Ohio, June 4

First, for people in the Cincinnati Ohio area, there is the CentOS Dojo meeting on Wednesday, June 4.  At 1:30 PM, Xen Project Evangelist Russell Pavlicek will speak on “Using and Understanding Xen4CentOS.”  Registration for the event can be found on the CentOS Dojo site.

Texas Linux Fest, Austin Texas, June 13-14

For those who can’t make it to Ohio, Russell will be reprising the Xen4CentOS talk at Texas Linux Fest conference during the Lightning Talks.  Be there on Saturday evening, June 14 to take it in.  And while you’re there, drop in on Russell’s Open Source talk “Geek Empowerment: The Real Heart of Open Source” at 1:30 PM.  Registration costs as little as US$30 for the entire event, so don’t miss out if you are in the greater Austin area.

SouthEast LinuxFest, Charlotte North Carolina, June 20-22

And finally, folks near Charlotte, NC can attend two different Xen Project talks at SouthEast LinuxFest.  On Friday June 20 at 9 AM, listen to Russell as he presents “Introduction to the Security Features of the Xen Project Hypervisor.”  Then stick around until Sunday at 1:30 PM to learn about “Xen Project 4.4 Features and Futures.”  Plus, Russ will be delivering his “Geek Empowerment” talk on Sunday at 10:15 AM.    The SELF conference is community run and free of charge, so register today!

And don’t forget to submit talks to the Events Calendar

Do you know of other Xen Project presentations coming up in the weeks ahead?  They won’t appear in our events calendar unless you post them there.  Login to and submit the information to let others know about more opportunities to learn about Xen Project.