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A community member shares a viewpoint

Open Source Exposed

In an effort to further promote the community and our amazing open source technologies, I have taken it upon myself to become an open source blogger on Network World. Of course, the benefit of exposure to me is something I will have to deal with. My hope is to educate people on the basics of open source while at the same time reaching out to open source enthusiasts with ideas that should be far outside the mainstream.

My first blog post is available at and should cause heartache as I point out how successful Windows is as an open source platform. If you have any ideas on future topics, please feel free to contact me.

New Blogroll Links for Xen Content

I have added a few new Blogroll links to other people who have active blogs on the Xen hypervisor. Please take some time to visit their blogs for interesting information:

Xen Hypervisor Case Studies

I am starting a new community initiative to collect and write Xen hypervisor case studies to demonstrate the variety of ways that the Xen hypervisor is leveraged in the IT world. The initial case study is from a Swedish company, ATG: ATG Case Study Feb 29, 2008

I have created a new section in the Wiki to store all the case studies that the community or I create. You can get to the Wiki case study section here.  Please feel free to create your own case study and upload into the Wiki site or contact me at if you would like my assistance. Having an updated collection of case studies is a great way for the community to show the power and capabilities of the Xen hypervisor. Blog Available

Welcome to the new Blog site hosted by Slicehost running on your community Xen hypervisor solution. This blog site is open to all members to communicate on all things Xen. Please keep all blog posts about the Xen hypervisor and related technology and remember this is not a marketing or sales tool to promote your Xen solution. I look forward to reading the variety of topics posted on Xen.

If you wish to be an author on this site, please contact me at for account setup.