Xen 3.3 Feature – C & P State Power Management

One of the notable features of Xen 3.3 is to incorporate full support for processor power management features, C-states and P-states. Power management is getting more crucial not only for clients, but also for servers. C/P is from ACPI nomenclature which stand for different set of power/thermal technologies. Combining both, Xen 3.3 is now expected […]

Xen 3.3 Feature: PV-GRUB

From Samuel Thibault: The traditional way to configure a PV guest is to write in the configuration file the path to the kernel/initrd to be loaded.  However, logically enough, these should be on the PV guest disk image, to allow them to be managed by the distribution installed inside the PV guest.  PyGRUB used to […]

Xen 3.3 Feature: Stub Domains

From Samuel Thibault: Domain 0 running a lot of components like physical device drivers, the domain builder, ioemu device models, PyGRUB, etc. has been worrisome from a security point of view, particularly since most of them run as root, and thus breaches there would potentially be disastrous.  It also poses scalability issues since the hypervisor […]

Xen 3.3 Feature: Shadow 3

Shadow 3 is the next step in the evolution of the shadow pagetable code.  By making the shadow pagetables behave more like a TLB, we take advantage of guest operating system TLB behavior to reduce and coalesce the number of guest pagetable changes that the hypervisor has to translate to the shadow pagetables.  This can […]