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Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Agenda

The final agenda for Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) hosted by Fujitsu is almost complete and ready for promotion on the website; however, I wanted to give the community a sneak peak in case you were still considering attending:  Xen Summit Agenda

There are still some changes being made but the basic agenda is pretty much complete.

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) – Sample Topics & Confirmed Companies/Universities

The following companies and universities are now confirmed for speaking at Xen Summit Tokyo:

  • Fujitsu, Citrix, VALinux, Samsung, Neterion, Google, NEC, NTT, Marathon, Oracle, & ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corp.
  • National Research Center of Intelligent Computer Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of British Columbia, Keio Univ., The University of Tokyo, & University of Tsukuba

Here are some sample topics being presented next month at Xen Summit in Tokyo:

  • Rainbow: Capacity Oriented Virtualized Computing Framework for Virtualized Data Center
  • Services in the Virtualization Plane
  • Network Bandwidth Isolation
  • VMM-based Approach to Detecting Stealthy Keyloggers
  • Controlling System Calls and Protecting Application Data in Virtual Machines
  • Modernization of Kemari using HVM with PV Drivers
  • Practical application of Xen management API with Light Weight Language (Jruby)
  • Evaluation and consideration of the Credit Scheduler for client virtualization

If you have any questions on this event and need more information, please contact me soon as the event is next month.

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Only $50 – Will you be there?

Xen Community:

Did you know that Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) sponsored and hosted by Fujitsu is only $50 to attend? At that price, we should easily have a record crowd; unless you are also including airfare to Tokyo which might make it a tad more expensive :).  So, to help everyone out, I am going to list some airfares to Tokyo so you can get an idea that coming to this event is really not as expensive as you think – unless you are a college student in which case everything is expensive:

(November 18, 2008 – November 22, 2008 – does not include tax in price)

New York to Tokyo – American Airlines $623; Japan Airlines $745; United Airlines $755
London to Tokyo – Air France $437; Virgin Atlantic $622; Japan Airlines $587
San Francisco to Tokyo – Air Canada $603; Air China $620; Japan Airlines $655
Boston to Tokyo – Japan Airlines $705; American Airlines $719; All Nipon $745
Frankfurt, Germany to Tokyo – British Airways $291; Air France $507; Aeroflat $676

My hope is that many of you who are thinking of coming to Tokyo will see that the cost is not as high as you probably assumed.

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Promotion

To help drive attendance and awareness of the Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) event at Fujitsu we are doing a 2 month advertisement on the well read virtualization.info Japanese site to drive prospects to an information page at http://www.xen.org/xensummit_japan.html.  If you are thinking about coming to the Xen Summit in Japan then be sure to get the latest information at http://www.xen.org/community/xensummit.html. 

If you are aware of anyone that might be interested, please send them a link to the Xen Summit information page as we start our final 2 month push for attendee registration.

Xen Summit 2009 Proposal

I am currently working on the Xen.org Community Plans for 2009 Xen Summits and I wanted to share my thoughts with the community to get feedback on my ideas. In the past, Xen Summits have been held every 9 months with the majority of them being in North America. It is my intention, as you can see with the upcoming Xen Summit Tokyo/Asia in November, to ensure that we provide an opportunity for all community members to attend a Xen Summit without having to travel a great distance. To support this concept, I am proposing the following plan for 2009:

  • Xen Summit North America
  • Location: Oracle is scheduled to host this event on February 24 – 25, 2009 in Redwood Shores, CA at Oracle’s Conference Center
  • Focus:  The Xen.org development community with an agenda highlighting the latest features being developed, status updates on research projects leveraging Xen, and customer demonstrations of Xen solutions
  • Length: 2 Days
  •  Xen Summit Europe
  • Location: I am speaking to the LinuxTAG and Linux Kongress organizations about co-locating with one of their events in Germany
  • Focus: Research and customer demonstrations of how they are using Xen; As this event is co-located with a Linux event this is a good opportunity to promote the Xen solution to a wider audience so the agenda needs to be more “how to use Xen”.
  • Length: 1 Day
  •  Xen Summit Asia
  • Location: OPEN (Xen Summit Tokyo/Asia 2008 is being hosted by Fujitsu in Tokyo)
  • Focus: Specific developer topics related to areas critical in Asia (e.g. IA64), how Xen is being used in Asia and new research occurring in Asia [Cross b/w Xen Summit North America and Xen Summit Europe for overall agenda focus]
  • Length: 2 Days
  • Xen Summit North America II
  • Location: If we follow previous schedules, this event will be held nine months after Xen Summit North America; therefore this would be in the Fall 09
  • Focus: Same as Xen Summit North America
  • Length: 2 Days

Note, I have tried to create different focuses for the events to ensure that community members are not required to attend all the events to stay in touch with the community. The Xen Summit North America event will be the developer focused meeting while the other Xen Summits will take a more customer/researcher focus.

As for the future, I have received requests to hold a Xen Summit in India and possibly South America. As the community grows, I expect to see us offer more events globally to better serve the global community and we will revisit the plan when scheduling for 2010.

Community Questions for Discussion

  1. Do we want to host 2 Xen Summits North America next year to continue the 9 month separation of events?
  2.  Is there demand for a 1 day Xen Summit event in Germany? Is there another location in Europe that would be better? Is there another event to consider for co-location?

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Call for Topics / Speakers

Summit Tokyo (Asia) 2008 is fast approaching and the Xen Summit Program Committee is ready to review and accept your topic proposal for the event. The Committee is actively reviewing topics so please send your topic for consideration to stephen.spector@xen.org in either English or Japanese. All submitted topics will be reviewed by the Program Committee and your submission should include a topic and short abstract in either English or Japanese.

This 2-day event, November 20 & 21 at Fujitsu’s Labs, will be an in-depth examination of recent research, software development, and customer deployments of the open source Xen solution. Ian Pratt will be the featured speaker at this event as he gives his “State of the Project” presentation along with ideas on future areas of development for Xen. Please consider taking the time to speak at Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) and help make this a highly useful and educational event.


> (Japanese)


> Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) 2008の開催が近づいてきました。Xen Summitプログラム委員会

> では現在、本イベントに対して皆さまからの話題提案を募集中です。委員会では、お寄せ

> いただいた話題を順次レビューしていますので、皆さまのアイディアをお早めに

> stephen.spector@citrix.com までお寄せください。英語または日本語どちらでも結構で

> す。委員会でレビューできるよう、メールにはタイトルと簡単な発表要旨をお書きください。


> 11月20日(木)と21日(金)の2日間のイベントでは、オープンソースXenに関する最近の研

> 究、ソフトウェア開発および、利用分野の拡大について実のある議論をおこないます。

> Ian Prattも講演者として参加し、プロジェクトの現状として、Xenの開発に関するこれ

> からの方向性も含めたプレゼンテーションをおこなう予定です。皆さま、どうぞXen

> Summit Tokyo (Asia)にて発表いただき、最高に有意義で実りのある議論にしていきま

> しょう。


> Xen Summitプログラム委員会