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Xen Project Announces Schedule for its Annual Developer and Design Summit

Today, we are excited to announce the program and speakers for the Xen Project Developer and Design Summit. The summit brings together developers, engineers, and Xen Project power users for in-person collaboration and educational presentations. The event will take place in Nanjing Jiangning, China from June 20 -22, 2018.

This is the fifth annual Xen Project Summit with presentations and panels focusing on hypervisor performance and development, security, automotive and much more. The conference will kick-off with a weather report from Lars Kurth, chairperson of the Xen Project and director of open source at Citrix.

At last year’s Xen Project Developer Summit in Budapest, Hungary.

A sample of presentations include:

  • Sung-Min Lee, principal engineer at Samsung Electronics, will present a production-ready automotive virtualization solution with Xen.
  • Marek Marczykowski-Górecki, senior systems developer, Invisible Things Lab, will present on linux-based device model stubdomains in Qubes OS.
  • Julien Grall, senior software virtualization engineer at Arm, will share capabilities that were added to the latest revision of the ARmv7-A architectures and how Arm has been improving virtualization support with incremental versions of the Armv8 architecture.
  • Felipe Huici, chief researcher at NEC, and Florian Schmidt, research scientist at NEC, will co-present on Unikraft, a sub-project of the Xen Project aimed at automativing the process of building customized unikernels tailored to a specific applications.
  • Bo Zhang, business analyst at Huawei, will introduce Huawei Cloud’s optimization on the Xen platform to solve regular problems that occur in customer scenarios

You can view the full schedule here.

Beyond panels and presentations, the Xen Project will be running design sessions that share a similar format to Xen Project hackathons. Attendees of the conference have the opportunity to propose design sessions during the conference. Current design topics already include Making Safety Certifications for Xen Easier, From Hobbyist to Maintainer: Why and How and Reworking x86 in Xen (Current and Future Plans).

If you’ve never attended a Xen Project Developer and Design Summit, check out last year’s presentations to get a better feel for the event.

A special thank you Citrix for being a diamond sponsor of the summit.


Improvements to Xen Documentation

Generated Xen Documentation

As you may remember from the last two Xen Documentation Days, we looked at creating Xen documentation from source. This has now been implemented and

are available from the xen.org website as well as in the Xen Wiki.

New and Improved Wiki

Xen has a new Mediawiki based wiki and most content has been migrated (a few less frequently used documents still need to be migrated). We put quite a lot of effort into making existing content more accessible through use of wiki categories. You can navigate the Wiki now by:

We expect that the Wiki will grow, but the Wiki content is already much more accessible than before. We don’t always know what you need: if you have a suggestion, just add a suggestion to the Talk/Discussion tab of a page. We still need to do quite a lot of work, such as:

  • Create more beginner documents
  • Refactor existing documents such as HowTos, Tutorials, etc. such that they can be more easily found (an example of how this will look like, can found under FAQs)
  • Create documents that help with performance tuning
  • Content that explain Xen’s Security functionality
  • Etc

I especially wanted to thank our passionate volunteers, who have helped migrate the content and started to translate wiki pages to other languages.

Services, Products, Projects and Case Studies

We also have re-worked the Xen Services, Products and Products Pages, which show Xen based Products, Projects, Services, Consultancy and Research. If you want to be added to these pages, please fill out this form.

We also introduced a page for Case Studies, that show why and how some of our community members use Xen.

XenSummit Asia Presentations and Videos are available

I have edited most of the XenSummit videos and started publishing them on the XenSummit Asia page. More videos will follow in the next few days.

Website Improvement Project

Now that we migrated all of our websites to Rackspace Hosting, we can start focussing on creating a new Xen.org website. I would like to know what you think we need to fix: this we created as survey for you to let us know.

Xen Documentation Assistance

I often receive emails asking about the documentation for Xen and wanting to see an upgrade, etc. The latest documentation that I am aware of is at this page: http://xen.org/xen/documentation.html

The Xen 3.0 documentation is out of date, as I often get told, and I am looking to see if anyone in the community is interested in updating the documents; especially with the new release coming out this month. If you are interested in working on the documentation please send me an email so I can post and track what you are working on. This way we avoid duplication of effort.