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Training Videos for Xen Community

During my daily xen mailing list review and tracking (http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/March_27%2C_2009) I have noticed that many people are having problems with compiling or launching domains that are usually similar in nature. I also had a conversation yesterday with some people about using open source Xen and the most common answer was that it was too hard and they needed more assistance.

So, I have been thinking about creating some video tutorials for common tasks that are done for open source Xen – e.g. compiling, launching domains, etc. If anyone is interested in creating some videos let me know and I can setup a place for storage and promotion on the Xen.org site.

I plan to try and make my first video next week on compiling Xen 3.3.1.

USENIX LISA 2008 Xen Training Day

Update for the community on the Xen Training Day session at USENIX LISA 2008 in 2 weeks – we have 69 people registered for the class which makes us the 2nd most attended training session at the event. There is still time for us to pass the leader who has 74 registrants and the other sessions have about 35 registrants so there is clearly demand for Xen training at technical events.

If you come across an event where you think Xen training would be beneficial, please let me know so I can assist in setting everything up.

Xen Speakers Wanted for Training at USENIX Event

Xen Community:

As part of the Xen Summit at USENIX Technical Conference in Boston this June, we have the opportunity to run a full day Xen training session (xen-summit-training-overview.txt). I am looking for one or two volunteers who would like to organize and run this full day training sessions. If you are interested, please contact me at stephen.spector@xen.org.