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Xen 3.4 Feature Request from Customers

To Xen customers:

If  you are using Xen, either as a direct download from the Xen.org site or from a partner who is leveraging Xen as their virtualization engine (e.g. Oracle, RedHat, Novell, Sun, etc) they I am looking for you. The Xen development community is actively looking for feedback on the existing solution as the new Xen 3.4 release plan is built. All feature ideas can be submitted to this blog posting as a comment, direct mail to myself, or via an email to xen-devel.

Xen 3.4 Feature Requests

With Xen 3.3 in final testing, it is time to start thinking about what features you would like to see in Xen 3.4. If you have any ideas for Xen 3.4, please send an email to xen-devel with Xen 3.4 in the subject line. This will allow people doing development to consider your idea for the next release. Of course, you are always free to do development on your own and submit to the source tree!