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Xen Summit Asia at Samsung – Program Committee

Now that Xen Directions South America is planned and ready to go for later this month, I am starting efforts on the planning of Xen Summit Asia 2010 which is being sponsored by Samsung and Korea University.  The event is set for November 2 – 3, 2010 at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul (http://www.lottehotelseoul.com). I do my best when selecting dates to not overlap with other conferences that draw from the same audience pool, however, I was not aware that the Linux Plumbers event is in Boston at the same time so my apologies for the schedule. We are staying with Nov 2-3 as we already have another event co-locating with us on November 1.

I am currently looking for volunteers willing to assist as Program Committee members. Please email me if you have interest in assisting in the selection of topics and other items related to this event. I plan to announce the Program Committee in 10 days on August 15, 2010.

OpenXenWebManager Ready for Testing

I received an email from Alberto Gonzalez Rodriguez who created OpenXenCenter/OpenXenManager and is now working on OpenXenWebManager.  Info to access the tool is:

steps to test are:
download from http://bit.ly/bres2U
uncompress: tar xvfz xenwebmanager_rev24_full.tar.gz cd xenwebmanager python frontend.py

and with a browser open http://localhost:8080 (or http://ip:8080) you need chrome or firefox (i prefer the first)

Really Cool Animated Demo of Oracle VM!

Post from Monica Kumar at Oracle:

Check out this short animated demo of Oracle VM that shows key capabilities and benefits for users.

In about 4 minutes, it walks through Oracle’s strategy with Oracle VM, gives a quick tour of a few key features, and explains Oracle’s focus on helping users realize further benefits from virtualization beyond just server consolidation.

Watch the demo.

Xen.org Weekly Newsletter Vol 10 No 30

Welcome to the Xen.org weekly newsletter with a variety of information to keep you updated on all things Xen. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions for the newsletter.

Xen News

Xen Events

Xen Products

Xen Members in Action

  • Xen.org Mailing Lists SuperStars –  Gianni Tedesco, Ian Campbell,  Olaf Hering, George Shuklin
  • Welcome to some new members to mailing lists –  Mingming Zheng,  Sisu Xi, Idan Shinberg

Xen Weekly Stats

  • Mailing Lists Stats: Xen-Devel (77 Patches, 36 Questions,330  Responses) ; Xen-Users (35 Questions, 72 Responses); Xen-api (6 Patches)
  • July Project Golden Ratio data to be posted early next week

The complete newsletter with all data including the summary of all xen-users/xen-devel/xen-api mailing lists can be found at http://wiki.xen.org/xenwiki/XenUpdate20100730

Dell and HP to Certify and Resell all Three Oracle Operating Systems – Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM – on their x86 Server Computers

Great news for Xen.org from Oracle – http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/press/161333.

News Facts

  • Oracle today announced Dell and HP will certify and resell Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM on their respective x86 platforms.
  • Customers will have full access to Oracle’s Premier Support for Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM running on Dell and HP servers.  This will enable fast and accurate issue resolution and reduced risk in a company’s operating environment.
  • Customers who subscribe to Oracle Premier Support will benefit from Oracle’s continuing investment in Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle VM and the resulting innovation in future updates.

Rest of article via link

Xen User Group LA Meets Tomorrow

For those of you in the LA area, why not attend the first Xen User group meeting hosted by BitSource and Xen.og with Jeremy Fitzhardinge of the Xen community being the featured speaker. Information on the meeting is at http://www.meetup.com/Xen-User-Group-Los-Angeles.

PS – Attendees will get the first Xen shirt with the Xen Panda so attendance has its privileges.