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Intel hosts OpenXT Summit on Xen Project based Client Virtualization, June 7-8 in Fairfax, VA, USA

This is a guest blog post by Rich Persaud, former member of the Citrix XenServer and XenClient engineering and business teams. He is currently a consultant to BAE Systems, working on the OpenXT project, which stands on the shoulders of the Xen Project, OpenEmbedded Linux and XenClient XT.

While the Xen Project is well known for servers and hosted infrastructure, Type-1 hypervisors have been used in client endpoints and network appliances, improving security and remote manageability. Virtualization-based security in Qubes and Windows 10 is also educating system administrators about hardware security (IOMMU and TPM) and application trust models.

Released as open-source software in 2014, OpenXT is a development toolkit for hardware-assisted security research and appliance integration. It includes hardened Linux VMs that can be configured as a user-facing software appliance for client devices, with virtualization of storage, network, input, sound, display and USB devices. Hardware targets include laptops, desktops and workstations.

OpenXT stands on the shoulders of the Xen Project, OpenEmbedded Linux and XenClient XT. It is optimized for hardware-assisted virtualization with an IOMMU and a TPM. It configures Xen network driver domains, Linux stub domains, Xen Security Modules, Intel TXT, SE Linux, GPU passthrough and VPNs. Guest operating systems include Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. VM storage options include encrypted VHD files with boot-time measurement and non-persistence.

The picture below shows a typical OpenXT software stack, including Xen, Linux and other components.

The picture above shows one of many configurations of the OpenXT software stack, including Xen, Linux and other components.

OpenXT enables loose coupling of open-source and proprietary software components, verifiable measurements of hardware and software, and verified launch of derivative products. It has been used to develop locally/centrally managed software appliances that isolate high-risk workloads, networks and devices.

The inaugural OpenXT Summit brings together developers and ecosystem participants for a 2-day conference in Fairfax, VA, USA on June 7-8, 2016. The event is hosted by Intel Corporation. The audience for this event includes kernel and application developers, hardware designers, system integrators and security architects.

The 2016 OpenXT Summit will chart the evolution of OpenXT from cross-domain endpoint virtualization to an extensible systems innovation platform, enabling derivative products to make security assurances for diverse hardware, markets and use cases.

The Summit includes one day of presentations, a networking reception and one day of moderated technical discussions. Presentation topics will include OpenXT architecture, TPM 2.0, Intel SGX, Xen security, measured launch, graphics virtualization and NSA research on virtualization and trusted computing.

For more information, please see the event website at http://openxt.org/summit.

For presentations and papers related to OpenXT, please see http://openxt.org/history.

Xen Summit North America 2009 at Oracle : Program Committee Volunteers

The Xen Summit North America event is currently scheduled for February 24 – 25, 2009 at Oracle HQ in Northern California. I am looking for individuals in the Xen Community who are interested in volunteering for the Xen Summit Program Committee for this event. The Program Committee will review all topic submissions and assist in putting together the content for the event as well as leading the proceedings by introducing the speakers.

If you are interested in being on the Program Committee,  please send me an email by October 15, 2008 as I plan to have the Program Committee in place by mid October to start working on the event plans.

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Program Committee Request

Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) sponsored by Fujitsu is fast approaching and I am calling for Program Committee volunteers interested in reviewing all submitted topics and creating the event agenda. I hope to have at least 7 people on the Program Committee for this event so if you are interested, please send me your contract information by July 15, 2008. As the event is in Tokyo, I am looking for volunteers who speak Japanese as many of the topic submissions will be in Japanese; however, speaking Japanese is not a requirement to participate on the Program Committee. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to be on the Program Committee, please email stephen.spector@xen.org. I look forward to working with the Xen Community in creating an educational event for the Asian community.


Xen Summit Tokyo (ASIA)、Xenサミット東京開催に向けて、第一歩としてプログラム委員













Xen Summit Topic Postings

The Program Committee for Xen Summit Boston has almost completed the creation of the event agenda and it should be available for public consumption tomorrow afternoon (EST). As there was a limited number of speaking slots available, several interesting and worthwhile topics had to be rejected for the event.

To ensure that the community still receives the information and is given a chance to comment, I have created a new Wiki site for posting of presentations that will not be given at Xen Summit in Boston: http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/Open_Topics_For_Discussion.

The speakers who were not selected will be posting their content on this Wiki for community discussion.

Xen Summit Boston – Still Not Registered?

Xen Summit Boston is rapidly approaching and the Program Committee is almost complete with topic selection. Topics from Xen development partners such as Intel, AMD, IBM, Citrix, etc will be presented alongside with research from universities such as Clarkson, India Institute of Technology, University of Toronto, Binghamton, University of Maryland, etc as well as customers using Xen in their enterprise solutions. Attendees from 10 countries are already signed up and ready to share their ideas for Xen going forward. The final agenda will be published later this week as we are confirming all speaker attendance right now.

Hotel registration deadlines for the USENIX rate are being extended until Friday as the room blocks are now spilling over into an adjacent hotel so be sure to register soon. More information on registration is at www.xen.org/xensummit.

I look forward to meeting with the Xen community later this month in Boston!

Final Call for Xen Summit Topics

Attention all interested speakers for Xen Summit Boston – tomorrow at 5pm PDT will be the official close of topic submissions. Anyone still wanting to present at the event should have their topic and short abstract submitted to stephen.spector@xen.org by 5pm PDT tomorrow. We have received 30+ topics for the event and the Program Committee has an excellent set of proposed topics to put together a fantastic event. There is still time to submit your topic but I will be closing acceptance tomorrow so the final agenda can be compiled.