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Join everyone at Xen Summit Boston

I am pleased to announce that we have over 50 people registered for Xen Summit Boston with attendees coming from 7 countries – India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, UK, & US.  Over 30 topics were submitted to the Program Committee who are actively reviewing the requests and working on a putting together an excellent agenda. I anticipate final publication of the agenda later this month, but the current approved topics list is at http://xen.org/files/xensummitagenda.pdf.

Make sure you are registered for Xen Summit as this event looks to be an exciting, in-depth immersion in all things Xen!

Xen Summit Final Call for Topics

I am adding two more weeks for open submissions of topics for Xen Summit Boston. May 16 will be the official close of topic submissions so the Program Committee can create the final agenda. Please send your topic request to stephen.spector@xen.org with a brief abstract and title.

Thanks to everyone who already has submitted a topic, the Program Committee will begin reviewing all current submissions next week.

Xen Summit Boston – Are you coming?

The Xen Summit Program Committee is actively reviewing all the submitted topics for this event (we still want more topics – send to Stephen Spector) and I wanted to make everyone aware of a proposed agenda for the event along with some topics already approved. The proposed agenda, current topics, and Monday evening party information are at http://xen.org/files/xensummitagenda.pdf.

If you are on the fence about coming to Xen Summit, please let me know what topics you would like presented and how I can make the event more attractive to you. As Xen.org is a community-based project, I want to ensure that everyone in the community is able to voice their opinion and there is no better place to be heard than Xen Summit!

Want to know more about Boston in the Summer – check out this posting.  For a Top 10 List of things to do in Boston this Summer, go here. Of course, all these great things to do in Boston are for before and after Xen Summit as there will be enough content during the event to keep you plenty busy 🙂