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Where Would You Like to See the Next Xen Project User Summit Held?

In 2013, we held the first major Xen event aimed specifically at users: the Xen Project User Summit. In 2014, we want to do it again — but where and when?

The Xen Project wants to hold its second Xen Project User Summit.  We’d like to hold it somewhere which is accessible by a large percentage of our user community.  And we’d like to schedule it at a time which makes sense, possibly in coordination with some existing conference.

We need your help to pick the time and place.  Give us your preferences in a very quick 2 minute survey found here:


It’s very quick and easy to do.  And you may just find that the next User Summit is too convenient for you to pass up.

Xen Project User Summit 2013 Sessions Announced

Linux stable tree maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman to give Featured Talk

xen_user_summit_bgThe Xen Project is pleased to announce the sessions which will be presented at the 2013 Xen Project User Summit.  Scheduled for September 18 in New Orleans, the Xen Project User Summit is the first major event focused entirely on users of the Xen Project software.  While there have been other Xen Summits in the past, they have always consisted of a mixture of User and Developer sessions.  This year, we have the opportunity to present two different events, a User Summit in September and a Developer Summit in October.

The Xen Project User Summit session lineup includes some excellent topics and speakers:

Keynote Address: Xen: This is not your Dad’s hypervisor!

Demetrious Coulis, Senior Principal Product Manager for CA AppLogic at CA Technologies, will deliver the keynote address.  He will explain why Xen’s strengths are critical for powering CA AppLogic and platforms like OpenStack.

Featured Talk: Free yourself from the tyranny of your cloud provider!

Greg Kroah-Hartman, maintainer of the stable branch of the Linux kernel (among a mass of other things), will discuss how using kexec in a paravirtualized user domain, with no changes to the control Domain or Xen itself, can allow you to boot your own kernel, no matter what the hosting provider is forcing you to run.

And a whole lot more…

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Speakers Wanted for Xen Project User Summit

This has already been a banner year for the Xen Project.  We have already seen the 10th anniversary of the project, the birth of Xen as a Linux Foundation Collaboration Project, and the release of version 4.3 of the Xen Project software.  More than that, this is also the first year we are hosting three excellent community events:

  • the Xen Project Hackathon in Dublin, Ireland in May
  • the Xen Project User Summit in New Orleans. Louisiana, USA in September, and
  • the Xen Project Developer Summit in Edinburgh, Scotland in October.

The Hackathon was a great success in May, and the Developer Summit promises to be a terrific close to the year in October, but the User Summit is on the immediate horizon.

What is the Xen Project User Summit?

In years past, the Xen Project has hosted a number of Xen Summits.  These events were often a mixture of developer and user content, often with a majority of the sessions oriented toward developers.  This year, we have split the former Xen Summit into two distinctly different events: one for developers, and one for users.

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Call For Proposals Opens for Xen Project User Summit and Xen Project Developer Summit

Announcing the Call For Proposals for two of the biggest events on the Xen Project calendar for this year:

Xen Project Users Summit

September 18, 2013 at LinuxCon NA in New Orleans, LA
Call For Proposals closes July 26

Co-located with LinuxCon North America in  New Orleans, The Xen Project User Summit is a community event which brings users of all types together for an intensive day of learning and sharing.  The full day of sessions will feature a wide array of talks from the novice through expert level. The summit organizers are seeking a wide range of talk submissions, including Xen Project best practices, case studies, scaling, performance, and clouds.  Review the full CFP for more information.  Make sure you submit your proposal before the July 26 deadline!

Xen Project Developer Summit

October 24-25, 2013 following LinuxCon EU in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Call For Proposals closes August 30

Come and spend a full two days of talks and workshops addressing issues of Xen Project Development.  This is a rare opportunity to gather together with developers in and around the Xen Project to discuss a wide range of topics.  The organizers are requesting proposals relating to Xen and its development, integration, and usage.  If you were looking for a way to present an idea which could change the course of development of the Xen Project, your opportunity has arrived!  Just make sure to submit your proposal by August 30.

And don’t forget…

Want to know when Xen Project events are being held?  Would you like to review what CFPs are coming due?  Or want to know what conferences near you have Xen Project talks in them?  Make sure you check out the Events section of the new XenProject.org website!  And if you happen to know of an event we’ve missed, submit it there as well.

One Week Before the XenSummit CFP closes

Just a quick reminder that, the CFP for XenSummit closes in a week and that all submissions must be received before midnight June 15, 2012 PDT.

Suggested topics include:

  • Latest developments and features in Xen and related projects
  • Developments in upstream projects that impact the Xen community
  • Proposals on how to evolve Xen and related projects in future
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XenSummit 2012: Dates, Location, PMC & CFP

Dear Community Members,

I am pleased to announce the date and location of the 2012 XenSummit in North America. It will be held from Aug 27-28, 2012 in San Diego, CA, USA. The event will be held immediately before LinuxCon North America 2012, at the same venue. You will find more information on the XenSummit events page.

Call for Participation

The CFP for XenSummit is now open. All submissions must be received before midnight May 1, 2012 PDT.


I will also again be looking for volunteers to join the Program Management Committee for XenSummit. As a PMC member you have the following responsibilities

  • Review submitted topics for the event (we will typically have 3 one hour calls and a bit of homework is needed)
  • Assist in compiling the final agenda for the event
  • If attending, introduce speakers – you don’t have to

Please get in touch with community.manager@xen.org, if you want to join the PMC. We are aiming to have the first PMC meeting shortly after May 1st.


There are plenty opportunities of sponsoring the event. If you are interested, please contact community.manager@xen.org.