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Xen.org 2011 Year in Review

It truly was an amazing year for Xen.org! The key highlights included Dom0 supporting going into mainline Linux kernel, Project Kronos, and renewed focus  Xen for ARM. All three of these projects are examples of standing on the shoulders of giants.

In 2011, Xen.org welcomed Lars Kurth as our community manager. Lars’ impact can be seen most notably in a formalized governance model, a new Xen wiki, and numerous events that Xen.org held and attended (described below).


Xen.org Events

Xen.org at External Community Events

Ian Pratt gave his thoughts on Xen past, present and future at Xen Summit Asia 2011. His slides and a video are available: (slides: http://www.slideshare.net/xen_com_mgr/xenorg-the-past-the-present-and-exciting-future video: http://vimeo.com/33056576)

Only a few Days to go to XenSummit Asia

Only a few days to go to XenSummit Asia: the event is shaping up to be great. I wanted to thank our sponsors and hosts for helping make XenSummit Asia happen. Sponsors of the event are: Samsung Electronics, University of Korea, kt and GitHub. Due to the additional support, we are able to offer students to attend the event for free.

The schedule looks great: Check it out!

XenSummit Asia: Open for Registration

XenSummit Asia is now open for registration. As usual we will charge a fee to cover the cost of XenSummit and will require you to register for the event. The cost will be $150. Registration will be open until Oct 31st. If you need an invitation letter for a visa, please fill out this form and e-mail me.

Hotel information and a draft agenda is available on the event page. A bit more information on group booking codes for hotels will follow. We also have not scheduled all talks yet. I wanted to thank Mr. Kim from Samsung and Prof. Yoo from Korea University for helping organising the event.

The event is sponsored and hosted by Samsung and the University of Korea. A big thank you for supporting the community!

XenSummit Asia : First Talks Announced

After nearly two weeks of travelling (Xen Hackathon two weeks ago, the Open World Forum last week), I have finally managed to publish location details, hotel information and the first 10 talks for XenSummit Asia, held Nov 2-3 in Seoul, Korea. I wanted to thank the Program Committe Members Mr. Sang-Bum Suh, Prof. Chuck Yoo, Mr. Sungi Kim and Ian Pratt for helping select the content for the summit.

The summit will be hosted in the Hana Square Auditorium on the Science Campus of Korea University. As usual, we will need to charge a small fee for covering costs. Because we are somewhat behind in publishing information regarding XenSummit, we decided to publish new information as it appears. By next week, I should have the complete speaker line-up, schedule, hotel discount information and will be able to open registration for the summit.

Given that Korea is the home of the Xen ARM project, led by Samsung, we will naturally hear much about Xen on ARM. You can also expect Xen research and developer talks and some Xen user stories. I am particularly excited about the “Xen @ Google” talk. With the Xen hypervisor powering 90% of the public cloud, there will also be a bit of cloud related content such as “Deep Dive into OpenStack” and “Skylark: Easy Cloud Computing“.

Stay tuned and see you at XenSummit!