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Xen Project 4.7 Planning Opens

With Xen 4.6 released in October, we are already one month into the new cycle. Which means it is time to start planning for the next release. You may remember that one of the goals of the 4.6 release planning was to create smoother developer experience and to release Xen 4.6 on time. Both goals were achieved, so it was time to think where to go from here. Thus, the Xen community underwent a thorough discussion on how to manage future releases from xen-unstable and its impact on stable releases. The takeaway message of those lengthy threads is that we should continue to work on making the release cycle shorter and more predictable.

As such, the timeline for 4.7 is:

  • Development starts: October 13, 2015
  • Last posting date: March 18, 2016
  • Hard code freeze: April 1, 2016
  • Release date: June 3, 2016

After the 4.7 release, we will start to release Xen every 6 months: at the beginning of June and December. A regular 6 monthly release schedule has worked well for Ubuntu, OpenStack and many other projects. The idea behind it is a simple one: set a hard date and modify your goals to match that timeline. Which is also, why we dropped feature freeze exceptions, which create overheads and introduce unnecessary risk and debate. In addition, the new fixed release schedule will help open source projects and commercial vendors who consume Xen to plan their own releases better. And it allows us to set a schedule that ensures that every single release cycle is only affected by a single holiday period and that we have a Xen Project developer event (be it a Hackathon or Xen Project Developer Summit) during each release cycle. The stable release scheme is unchanged: 18 months full support, plus 18 months security fixes afterwards.

For more information, check out the slides that explain our release process and how it is changing for Xen 4.7 and beyond. To follow the roadmap in the coming months, be sure to check the Xen 4.7 Roadmap page on our wiki. Get involved on xen-devel@ and happy hacking!

For more updates, follow @XenProject.org on Twitter.

Xen.org Website Update Project

The current Xen.org website has done a nice job of allowing people in the community access to the source code, released builds, documentation, mailing lists, etc; however, I believe that Xen.org can be transformed into a vital information repository for the Xen community leveraging the latest in web technology (like that marketing speak?). To accomplish this transformation, I am starting a new project to redo the existing website. All phases of this project will be open to the community for feedback and input; after all, Xen.org is a global community of technical experts with an amazing collective knowledge-base for me to tap into.

The intial phase of this project is to define the various “groups” of users who visit Xen.org to understand their wants and needs. I have taken a first pass at this and am publishing a Xen.org Website Requirements document in this blog. Please feel free to send email direct to me at stephen.spector@xen.org or add comments below. The more input the community gives, the better the final result.

I expect to start web development design and changes in Q3 so I plan to spend the rest of this quarter doing the necessary groundwork to ensure that the community gets the best solution possible.

Word 97 – Xen.org Web Proposal

Open Office 2.3 – Xen.org Web Proposal

PDF -  xen-web-requirements.pdf