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Xen.org Mascot – Final Survey Results

The latest survey results for the Xen.org Mascot question are as follows:

76 total voters
62 YES (81%)
14 NO (18%)

Based on the trending I am seeing, there is clearly a majority of community members who would like Xen to have a mascot. Based on these results I propose the following to the community:

1) Mascot Idea Submission Process – I will open a 2 week window where anyone interested in submitting a mascot idea can post their idea as a comment on this blog posting or send me an email. I will publish all submissions on January 28 for the community to review. NOTE – Images are not required as I can find an artist later to draw up sample images.

2) Mascot Community Vote – After all submissions are received and posted, I will hold an open community vote to determine the top 3 entries. From there, we will have an artist(s) create sample images for the three finalists and vote for a winner.

I look forward to everyone’s idea for a Xen.org mascot!

Code_swarm video of Xen development

This video uses code_swarm to visualise the development of the Xen project. It shows commits to xen-unstable.hg. Each dot represents a file. New files appear in a random place, and with each commit they get brighter and move towards the person making the change.

The colours represent a fairly arbitrary division of the code into more-or-less equal-sized areas. Feel free to suggest better divisions, and better colour values too.

The names are pulled out of the “Signed-off-by” comments using a small script. Otherwise it looked as though Keir was doing all the work!
I’ve done my best to identify names that appear in more than one form, but there are bound to be ones I’ve missed. There are also a lot of people listed only by email address. Again, corrections are welcome.

Xen.org Intro Slide-Deck For Review

The Xen Champions team has been working on a new slide-deck for the community to leverage. It is a basic overview of Xen.org and the Xen Hypervisor. We plan to launch the final slide-deck later this week to the community for leverage.

NOTE – Once the slides are available in English, I will work with anyone interested in translating to ensure we meet our global audience needs.

PowerPoint Version – http://www.xen.org/files/Marketing/XenOverview.ppt
Open Office Version – http://www.xen.org/files/Marketing/XenOverview.odp

Ian Pratt PodCast with Doug Brown

For those of you who want to hear Ian’s latest comments on Xen, etc – Doug Brown of www.dabcc.com has just posted a PodCast at http://www.dabcc.com/podcastdetail.aspx?id=75.

From VMBlog.com (http://vmblog.com/archive/2008/12/15/podcast-with-xen-open-source-virtualization-founder-and-citrix-vp-ian-pratt.aspx)

n episode 67, Douglas Brown interviews Ian Pratt, Vice President of Advanced Products for Citrix Systems, Inc.   Ian is also the co-founder of XenSource, the company Citrix bought and turned into the XenServer solution, along with the head of development of the Xen open-source hypervisor project.  Needless to say we were very excited to have Ian on the show.   Ian and Douglas discuss Ian’s role at Citrix along with his views on everything from client side hypervisors to virtualization security, to the differences between the Xen hypervisor and Citrix’s XenServer hypervisor.  Douglas and Ian also discuss the following subjects:

  • Who is Ian Pratt
  • Pro and Cons of Virtualization
  • Client side Hypervisors
  • Virtualization Security
  • History of Xen Hypervisor
  • Difference between Xen Hypervisor and Citrix XenServer
  • A bit about the Xen.org Community
  • Benefits of paravirtualization and enlightenment
  • Memory Overcommitment
  • Plus much more…

Ian Pratt at NSDI ’08

Ian Pratt gave the Keynote address at the USENIX NSDI 2008 event last week. Here is a link to the USENIX NSDI site: http://www.usenix.org/events/nsdi08/tech/tech.html. Ian’s slides are available in pdf (ian-nsdi-keynote-apr2008.pdf). I don’t know if a video was taken of the presentation but will watch the USENIX site just in case.