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Running Xen Available from Google Books

Google has just finished the complete scan of the Running Xen book at http://books.google.com/books?id=XS-Jj7s2nhYC&printsec=frontcover&dq=running+xen&ei=5fF9SbnkBIu0NMLXvdQE#PPR7,M1.

You can search for key words within the book. For example, if you want to search for LVM, then just put LVM in the “Search in this book” box on the right.

For now, Google has posted the first print of the book (the second print came out in the  fall).

The second print of the book should have most of the errata found at:

For changes since the first edition:

Virtualization for Dummies Book Review

I recently met Bernard Golden, CEO of Navica and author of Virtualization for Dummies, at the HP Open Source Financial Market event where he was the moderator of the virtualization session that I represented Xen.org on. We spoke about his recently released book and I offered to promote it on this blog; after reading it of course.

So, for those of you just starting in the virtualization space and looking for an excellent introduction into the terminology, design, and implementation of virtualization I highly recommend this book. Besides my bias of having one of my managers, Simon Crosby writing the Forward,  I was impressed on how Bernard went beyond the basic technical concepts to include sections on making a business case for virtualization, cost-benefit analysis, managing a virtualization project, migrating to a virtualized environment, and setting up a data storage system to support the environment.

This book is not your typical “… for Dummies” book as it really is a primer for putting together a complete plan for designing, implementing, and running a sophisticated virtualized environment.

PDF Format of Running Xen Book Now Available

The Running Xen authors have informed me that you can now get a pdf version of their book. Go to the “Where to Buy” link at http://runningxen.com/buy-now to obtain the PDF version or from InformIT, go to http://www.informit.com/store/product.asp?isbn=0137144911

There is also a new design on the Reviews and Media page at http://runningxen.com/reviews.

Finally,  the Resources page continues to see updates at http://runningxen.com/resources.