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Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) – Sample Topics & Confirmed Companies/Universities

The following companies and universities are now confirmed for speaking at Xen Summit Tokyo:

  • Fujitsu, Citrix, VALinux, Samsung, Neterion, Google, NEC, NTT, Marathon, Oracle, & ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corp.
  • National Research Center of Intelligent Computer Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of British Columbia, Keio Univ., The University of Tokyo, & University of Tsukuba

Here are some sample topics being presented next month at Xen Summit in Tokyo:

  • Rainbow: Capacity Oriented Virtualized Computing Framework for Virtualized Data Center
  • Services in the Virtualization Plane
  • Network Bandwidth Isolation
  • VMM-based Approach to Detecting Stealthy Keyloggers
  • Controlling System Calls and Protecting Application Data in Virtual Machines
  • Modernization of Kemari using HVM with PV Drivers
  • Practical application of Xen management API with Light Weight Language (Jruby)
  • Evaluation and consideration of the Credit Scheduler for client virtualization

If you have any questions on this event and need more information, please contact me soon as the event is next month.

Response on Virtual Iron and Citrix Blog Discussions

I recently read a ZDNet article at http://blogs.zdnet.com/virtualization/?p=479 about some issues being taken by Virtual Iron with Simon Crosby’s statements. My response to the article is added as a comment and I wanted to make the community aware of my position. I believe that Simon’s comments were taken way out of context by the media who just love to “stir the pot” and the conclusions drawn in the article are a bit far fetched.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or add comments to this blog posting. I truly believe that the Xen.org community is working well as new releases are occuring frequently and our “sold out” Xen Summit in Boston show a higher level of interest.

Xen is Dead?

There has been some recent blog postings around about the death of Xen; very amusing to read…Simon Crosby responds to these blogs in his typical manner at http://community.citrix.com/display/~simoncr/2008/07/02/Xen+is+Dead!+Long+Live+Xen!. As the blog postings also relate to Citrix, KVM, and VMWare you will see some information about them in his posting as well. Enjoy the read.

Trademark Policy Update

Attached is the final, complete Xen Trademark Policy as approved by the Xen Advisory Board and updated with your comments. Please feel free to offer any additional feedback you have as this document is meant to “live” as Xen continues to evolve.

Xen Trademark Policy June 08 in pdf

Also, the FIT discussed in the document is being worked on by the Advisory Board and I will publish the latest proposal shortly after it is reviewed by the Advisory Board.

Xen Trademark Policy Update

The updated Xen Trademark Policy based on your feedback is almost complete and ready for final community inspection; however, I did get a response from Citrix about the decision to restrict usage of the Xen name in products. Please feel free to add comments or send me any questions. Thanks.

The comment from Citrix legal is as follows:

Citrix, in conjunction with the Xen AB, seeks to protect the trademarks associated with the open source Xen® hypervisor in order to both strengthen the public’s identification of the Xen marks and prevent the widespread and unregulated use that can sometimes lead to trademark genericide.  This is for the benefit of all those in the Xen community who distribute and contribute to the open source project, and not just for the benefit of Citrix.  It is for these reasons that the Xen Trademark Policy was originally put forward.

With respect to the limited restriction on product names combining “Xen” with another name, Citrix believes this restriction is in keeping with XenSource, Inc’s longstanding use of “Xen” in the names of the company (“XenSource™”) and its flagship product (“XenServer™”), which is now marketed by Citrix.  Citrix believes, and hopes that the community understands, that use of other Xen-combined names might confuse potential users  of Citrix-sourced products as to the source of a particular product or service. Since all Xen-based commercial products on the market today (of which Citrix is aware) from other vendors are all non-Xen branded, Citrix believes that this is the appropriate time to clarify this issue.

For example, an ISV may create a service for registering servers running Xen and decide to call the service “XenRegister”.  A reasonable IT consumer could be confused and assume that the XenRegister service is sourced by XenSource and Citrix.  Instead, the ISV could call their service, for example, “VM Registration for the Xen® hypervisor” or “MegaRegister™ for Xen®,” or any other name which is in keeping with the Xen Trademark Policy and does not reasonably confuse an IT consumer as to its source.

Ultimately, the Xen Trademark Policy benefits all those who use or assist in the development of the Xen® hypervisor, in part by maintaining the value of the Xen Marks.  Citrix must police the marks in accordance with the Policy and in conjunction with the Xen AB in order for everyone to see value in their use as product identifiers.  Otherwise, the trademark can become a generic term (see escalator or aspirin in the U.S.) at which point anyone could call their hypervisor “xen” regardless of the source of the hypervisor.

Xen-API Community Project Update

The kickoff meeting for the Xen-API community project is scheduled for May 15, 2008 at 4pm EST. I am still looking for people interested in working on this project and the meeting is open to all Xen.org community members. I will be posting all meeting minutes and activities on the Xen Wiki once the project is underway so attendance at the meetings is not mandatory; however, the first few meetings will be important as we discuss what work items need to be complete and people get a chance to volunteer.

The dial-in information for the meeting is:

US: 1.888.371.8921
Int’l: http://www.btconferencing.com/citrix/globalaccess/
Code: 275279