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Xen Project Maintenance Releases Available (Versions 4.6.4 and 4.7.1)

I am pleased to announce the release of Xen 4.6.4 and 4.7.1. Xen Project Maintenance releases are released in line with our Maintenance Release Policy. We recommend that all users of the 4.6 and 4.7 stable series update to the latest point release.

Xen 4.6.4

Xen 4.6.4 is available immediately from its git repository http://xenbits.xen.org/gitweb/?p=xen.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/stable-4.6
(tag RELEASE-4.6.4) or from the Xen Project download page http://www.xenproject.org/downloads/xen-archives/supported-xen-46-series/xen-464.html

Xen 4.7.1

Xen 4.7.1 is available immediately from its git repository http://xenbits.xen.org/gitweb/?p=xen.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/stable-4.7
(tag RELEASE-4.7.1) or from the Xen Project download page http://www.xenproject.org/downloads/xen-archives/supported-xen-47-series/xen-471.html

These releases contain many bug fixes and improvements. For a complete list of changes, please check the lists of changes on the download pages.

Xen Wiki URL Updated

As part of a larger project to revamp the entire Xen.org web infrastructure, I have created a new URL for the Xen.org Wiki -> http://wiki.xen.org. This old web address http://wiki.xensource.com is still working  however I have updated the Xen.org website to start using the new wiki.xen.org URL.

In the coming months, all Xen.org VMs will be moving to brand new hardware and will also be upgraded to 64-bit VMs running on Xen 4.0. I will also be upgrading the Wiki to a new version in this process as well. I will keep everyone updated on the process as I am waiting for the final plan from the IT department that is supporting this new effort.

Xen.org Wiki Update Design Proposal

As I stated in http://blog.xenproject.org/index.php/2010/06/22/xen-org-wiki-design-update/, I am working on a new plan to re-design the Xen.org wiki. The plan is now available for a 1 week review by all community members. Please submit all your comments to me so I can update the design and begin updating the wiki next Thursday.

Download the plan here – Wiki Design Plan

Xen.org Wiki Design Update

Based on the 2010 Annual Xen.org Survey I intend to take several actions to address the significant issues raised by the community. I plan to start with the Xen.org Wiki (http://wiki.xensource.com) and look at a better layout to simplify navigation for new and experienced Wiki users. Once I have a new design complete, I will publish it for community review and then based on all feedback begin the Wiki changes.

If you have any thoughts on the current Wiki design that you would like addressed, please contact me as I am starting the design work today and plan to have a proposal ready for community review later this week.

Finally, the current Xen.org Wiki is running on Moin Moin and I do intend to move to a newer version of Moin Moin in the near future as new equipment is being installed to support the Xen.org community. I will keep the community updated on all back-end changes to Xen.org over the next few months.