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Xen Project 4.8.1 is available

I am pleased to announce the release of Xen 4.8.1. Xen Project Maintenance releases are released in line with our Maintenance Release Policy. We recommend that all users of the 4.8 stable series update to the latest point release.

The release is available from its git repository
(tag RELEASE-4.8.1) or from the XenProject download page

These releases contain many bug fixes and improvements. For a complete list of changes, please check the lists of changes on the download pages.

Upcoming Changes to the Xen Websites

The move of the Xen Project from Citrix to a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project will have a number of implications for Xen Websites, which will be fully implemented in the coming weeks.

  • For trademark reasons all xen.org sites will be migrated to the xenproject.org domain in the coming weeks. This will require care and be executed over a period of several weeks. At the moment, xenproject.org and xen.org are aliased.
  • Each site such as the wiki, blog, mailing lists, code repos, etc. will get a new header that includes a global navigation bar. In some cases we will create a skin or theme that matches the overall look and feel of the new Xen Project site. However, we felt it was to risky to make too many changes at once.
  • We have a new Xen Project community website at xenproject.org, with most of the content of the old site migrated and exciting new functionality. Normally we would have developed this site in collaboration with the community, but it was already clear a few months ago that we would launch the new website in sync with moving to the Linux Foundation and content on the new site would have been a give-away of what was going to come. As you had no chance to give feedback, we are treating the new site as a beta.

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Project ThreeEyes Officially Announced

Xen Community –

As you are well aware, over the past 2+ years I have made numerous changes to the Xen.org website (http://www.xen.org) to make it easer to use for developers, users, researchers, journalists, customers, etc.  However, in that time I have not been able to change the underlying system to include content management, Web 2.0 integration, and other modern features found in websites. I am pleased to announce that I am starting a new project today to begin the complete overhaul of the Xen.org website to include an open source platform such as Drupal with content management support, Web 2.0 integration, etc. This project is called ThreeEyes based on there being three main design goals – Integrate, Inform, and Interact.

The current project plan is Project_ThreeEyes and is ready for community review. Please send me any comments you have or post them as comments to this blog posting.

Xen Research Paper Site Launched

Thanks to a great suggestion from Pradeep Padala, I have created a new page on the Xen.org website listing papers written about Xen technology or from research using Xen technology. The page is currently live at http://www.xen.org/community/xenpapers.html but is not yet linked within the main Xen.org website header structure. Once I get a number of papers listed, I will announce this page and link it to the web header structure.

Please send me your papers or any papers you are aware of that would be a good fit for this new Xen.org page.

Xen.org Website Update – Final Review

For those of you who have not looked over the changes to the www.xen.org website, please take a look as I plan to switch to the new site this weekend or early next week. If you have any comments, please let me know.

Test Site: http://staging.xen.org

For more details on this project:  http://blog.xenproject.org/index.php/2008/08/26/preview-the-new-xenorg-website/