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Announcing Xen Project 4.9 RC and Test Day Schedule

Today, we created Xen 4.9 RC1 and will release a new release candidate every week, until we declare a release candidate as the final candidate and cut the Xen 4.9 release. We will also hold a Test Day every TUESDAY for the release candidate that was released the week prior to the Test Day starting from RC2. Note that RC’s are announced on the following mailing lists: xen-announce, xen-devel and xen-users. This means we will have Test Days on April 25th, May 2nd, 9th and 16th. Your testing is still valuable on other days, so please feel free to send Test Reports as outlined below at any time.

Getting, Building and Installing a Release Candidate

Release candidates are available from our git repository at

git://xenbits.xenproject.org/xen.git (tag 4.9.0-<rc>)

where <rc> is rc1, rc2, rc3, etc. and as tarball from


Detailed build and Install instructions can be found on the Test Day Wiki. Make sure you check the known issues section of the instructions before trying to download an RC.

Testing new Features, Test and Bug Reports

You can find Test Instructions for new features on our Test Day Wiki and instructions for general tests on Testing Xen. The following pages provide information on how to report successful tests and how to report bugs and issues.

Happy Testing!

Response on Virtual Iron and Citrix Blog Discussions

I recently read a ZDNet article at http://blogs.zdnet.com/virtualization/?p=479 about some issues being taken by Virtual Iron with Simon Crosby’s statements. My response to the article is added as a comment and I wanted to make the community aware of my position. I believe that Simon’s comments were taken way out of context by the media who just love to “stir the pot” and the conclusions drawn in the article are a bit far fetched.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or add comments to this blog posting. I truly believe that the Xen.org community is working well as new releases are occuring frequently and our “sold out” Xen Summit in Boston show a higher level of interest.